gas furnaces


A clean furnace is a happy furnace, let us help keep you warm.

It is important to clean your furnace on an annual basis to keep it working optimally and avoid expensive replacement costs. At Barbeque Pro Inc. we have a 14 step cleaning process to ensure your furnace is working at its best for the long winter season. 

  1. Ensure furnace is working by using thermostat to turn it on

  2. Dust and vacuum interior / exterior of furnace

  3. Clean fins on blower with paint brush

  4. Test for gas leaks

  5. Test voltage of ignitor

  6. Clean flame sensor

  7. Clean burners

  8. Visually inspect heat exchanger looking for damage or cracks

  9. Clear all drain lines

  10. Check supply and return temperatures

  11. Check gas pressure

  12. Inspect / change filter

  13. Ensure venting is well supported and not coming apart

  14. Inspect thermostat

Our licensed technicians have been trained to work on all makes and models of gas furnaces, once the job is completed they will inform you if any problems were found and can make arrangements for a return visit if anything needs replacing. 

Order your complete cleaning package today for $149.99.