Gas fireplaces

Let us keep that gas fireplace burning.

Here at Barbeque Pro Inc. we offer an 11-step cleaning process that includes:

  1. Checking the power vent and fan kit operation, if applicable.
  2. Checking for proper ignition and combustion.
  3. Visually checking the venting, diverter and chimney draw, if accessible.
  4. Inspecting vent termination for proper combustion and ventilation air.
  5. Checking the gas pilot safety system.
  6. Checking for proper voltage to gas valve.
  7. Painting the firebox as required.
  8. Cleaning and adjusting the pilot assembly spark ignition and burners.
  9. Cleaning the glass with recommended glass cleaning and inspect gasket.
  10. Cleaning the equipment's exterior.
  11. Clean up around its base and underneath of the unit.

All items around the fireplace are moved and a drop sheet is placed on the ground to protect the surrounding area of your home from any soot or debris that may exit the unit during cleaning.

Prices start at $149.99, contact us today for a free quote or to book an appointment.