gas fireplace parts & repair

we carry parts for all makes and models.

Are you able to get the pilot light on but as soon as you let go it goes out? Or, the pilot is running but you can’t get the main burner to light. Don’t be fooled by other companies who say your machine needs to be replaced. Let us be the ones to fix it.

Perhaps you’d like to add a blower fan or thermostat? Or you’re tired of having to get up and walk over to the switch to turn the Gas Fireplace on and off? After all, we now have remotes for that.

We only require your model, serial number, and a brief description of the problem to send a service technician to your house for the repair.


Model and serial can usually be found:

  • on the cover of your operations manual
  • on the metal service sheet that will be chained to the main valve located either underneath or beside your gas fireplace.